The Research of the Equilibrium, the Responsibility of the Designer

Session: Track C: Tall Excellence: Raising the Bar

Paolo ZilliProject image

Paolo Zilli
Associate Director, Zaha Hadid Architects

The best possible tall building is the one that can satisfy the requirements of the brief that has created the original need and all possible future briefs. The best possible tall building is the most flexible. It will be made of materials selected for their performance in terms of carbon footprint, space efficiency, longevity, sustainability. These materials will be selected because of their contribution to the circular economy. All those criteria imply variables and equations with different outcomes for each project.

It will be in the city centers, close to infrastructure, integrating landscape elements and functions to facilitate the correct work/life balance. Efficiency is the perfect equilibrium among the different criteria and disciplines. Budget, construction time, space planning, quality of all elements (façade, lighting, acoustic, thermal comfort, automation, etc.) and the satisfaction of all requirements (safety and security, stability and flexibility, lift performance and core efficiency, etc.) must find the magical match where none of the items prevails or succumbs.

We can optimize its costs by comparing to another typology that provides a similar service, capital and operating expenditures included. Today, creating a new building, any building, is about responsibility. The research of the equilibrium is the most sustainable philosophy to create the tower of the future.