Using Automated Building Inspection Technologies to Reduce Asset Renewal

Session: Track G: It’s All About Efficiency: Improving Performance and Investment Return

Christoph GruenaugProject image

Christoph Gruenaug
Australasian Façade Access Leader, Arup

In the building industry, we constantly see the need for asset renewal, as older buildings approach the end of their design lives, deteriorating to a state of dilapidation. With the consequences of climate change increasingly evident around the globe, it is becoming clear that this cycle of design-build-upgrade-replace is increasingly unsustainable. Why can’t buildings last longer?

As buildings become taller due to increased density and urbanization, monitoring and inspection of buildings is challenging, yet hugely important to the longevity of the structure. When constantly monitored, defects can be more consistently identified, and preventative maintenance can be promptly scheduled, before they evolve into more significant issues.

This presentation explores the future of automated building inspection technologies and highlights their advantages over traditional strategies. In transitioning to the digital and unmanned space, we can perform these routine operations with minimal risk, high efficiency, and lower labor cost, all while producing a replicable snapshot of the inspected building.