Mass Customization; From Design to Fabrication, Aerospace to Construction

Session: Track E: Improving Construction through Modularity, Fabrication and Optimization

Ilkay StandardProject image

Ilkay Standard
Innovation Leader, GenX Design & Technology
New York City

Earth, with 7 billion people today and having a maximum carrying capacity of 10 billion people, is faced with overpopulation and increased migration to cities. With this very real pressure of accommodating the increasing population within decades, all industries are in a race to adopt and grow in an agile and sustainable manner, including construction, which has been notoriously slow to change.

What can we learn from other industries, and how can we collaborate with them? How can we build better, faster and more sustainably for all economies? Through adopting the methods of other industries operate, the AEC industry can take advantage of technologies that have been used by aerospace, automotive and product manufacturing for decades. Unlike other industries, AEC can’t always focus on one “product,” but can optimize workflows that allow end-to-end control in both customization and standardization. GENx works on mastering mass customization, while optimizing it to lower embodied energy throughout its lifecycle, from design to fabrication, as well as enabling modular and timber construction.

This presentation introduces not only ideas about workflow optimization in vertical urbanism, but also offers case studies focusing on technologies we use today, and on future trends and changing business models that the AEC industry can benefit from.