Envisioning New Heights – A Practical Approach

Session: Track E: The Limits of Tall

Fatih YalnizProject image

Fatih Yalniz
Senior Vice President, WSP
New York City

Visions of exciting tall-building-studded skylines motivate both the architect and the engineer, who are challenged to bring these visions into reality. The immersion of the built environment professions in the world of vertical placemaking may be a motivator in itself; however, practical consideration and lessons learned must be incorporated into our work in order to achieve more practical, sustainable and livable spaces. Lessons in constructability, construction logistics, the ideal use of materials and secondary systems are only some ways to achieve an ideal and safe occupant experience.

This presentation addresses these issues and others based on case studies for a sampling of the tallest buildings in the United States. Examples include three recently completed projects in New York: 111 West 57th Street, with its record-breaking slenderness ratio as compared to its height; 53West53 and its challenging geometry; and 56 Leonard, with its stacked vertical villas. Each project is presented with the summary of lessons learned, including pre-construction and construction phases. Unique challenges, and the solutions provided to address them, are presented.