An Iconic Building Links to the City and its Future

Session: BTB Under 100m (Part 1)

Shaun KillaMajed Jakka Al MansooriProject image

Shaun Killa
Design Director, Killa Design

Majed Jakka Al Mansoori
Deputy Executive Director, Museum of the Future. Head of Project Management Office, Dubai Future Foundation, Museum of the Future

The Museum of the Future is located on the main arterial spine in Dubai’s central business district. The site was selected due to its ability to connect the Dubai metro and the Emirates Towers retail, commercial, and hotel spaces through the new building’s podium structure, creating a vital pedestrian pathway to link the city to the site.

The project is comprised of three main elements: the green mound, the museum building, and the void. The green mound beneath the museum represents stability, with its wildlife, plants and eco-friendly approach, reflecting its sustainable significance. The inspiration for the landscaped mound was to elevate the building in an unobstructed way above the adjacent metro and create greenery in elevation—an uncommon feature in Dubai—where visitors can enjoy a park environment while engaging with the museum. Shaped like a human eye, the building signifies envisioning what is to come. A primary inspiration was to create a form that represents the UAE Prime Minister’s vision of the future where the physical building embodies floors and spaces that represent this understanding as we know it today and possibly for the next few years. In contrast, the void created by the building’s shape represents the unknown that humanity has yet to uncover and the potential futures one will discover.

The aspiration was to make the design, the fabrication, and its operational resources as sustainable as possible using innovative technologies. As part of this strategy, the project aims to achieve LEED Platinum certification by using passive solar design, low-energy and low-water engineering solutions, recovery strategies for both energy and water, and by building integrated renewables from an off-site solar farm located on the rooftops of nearby carparks. To reduce solar gain and heat island effect, more than two thirds of the building’s area is situated below the green roof of the podium.

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