Landmark Tower Integrates Sustainable Approach: Azrieli Town Tower, Tel Aviv

Session: Track A: Best Tall Building Award By Height: 100-199m, Part 1

Gabi Boaz-OvedMoshe TzurProject image

Gabi Boaz-Oved
Chief Architect, Azrieli Group Ltd.
Tel Aviv

Moshe Tzur
Founder & Owner, Moshe Zur Architects and Town Planners
Tel Aviv

The Azrieli Town Tower, located in the heart of Tel Aviv’s northern commercial business district, is the epitome of a mixed-use urban project with ample retail, office, and public space. The tower’s western façade faces the park, which is the focal point of the urban plan and creates an inner courtyard and meeting place for all the building’s users to gather. Additionally, the building’s proportion and its dynamic façade create an ever-changing appearance during the day. Situated on the eastern side of the site, and facing the Ayalon highway, its visibility to constant traffic has made it an iconic and well-known building in the skyline.

The tower's geometric proportions are a response to the rectangular park to the west and the diagonal highway on the east. The first three floors have larger footprints to create a well-defined interior urban space and an active retail area at ground level, while also creating a protection from the reverberations of the highway. A curtain wall system helps with the hot climate of Israel and the façade’s most dominant feature is an array of vertical fins, which were designed with various depths carefully articulated to reflect light and shadows. The tower’s core includes three lift zones that create maximum separation between the project’s main tenants. Additionally, each main tenant has its own private lobby on the ground floor, separated from the others.

The project has achieved LEED Gold certification. The HVAC systems located on each floor receive fresh air directly from the façade, and air ventilation is 30 percent higher than the ASHARE baseline. The envelope’s vertical fins and Low-E glass improve the building’s thermal performance, reduce glare for the surrounding buildings, and help to save energy. I. The tower uses environmentally friendly cooling devices and has maximum temperature control and energy monitoring. In total, the project saves 16 percent in energy according to ASHRAE and more than 2,900 tons of carbon per year. The project has also been credited for its innovative use of recycled water.

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