Dynamic Volumes Add to the Austin Skyline: The Independent, Austin

Session: Track F: Best Tall Building Award By Function: Residential/Hotel, Part 1

Derek FraychineaudBrett RhodeProject image

Derek Fraychineaud
1st Vice President, Development, CIM GROUP
Los Angeles

Brett Rhode
Founding Partner, Rhode Partners

Located at the confluence of an urban creek, several major cross-town bicycle routes, and a formerly industrial site undergoing redevelopment, the Independent promotes renewed civic links while strengthening the city-residents’ connection with nature. The Independent rises 688 feet and has 363 apartments ranging from one to four bedrooms that incorporate a range of floor plans offering unique views and spatial qualities to residents. A 30-foot cantilever suspends the 34th floor amenity deck over the city. The floor-to-ceiling glass window wall was made possible by removing most structural elements from the perimeter, allowing for unimpeded 360-degree views protected by Austin’s Capitol View Corridor.

The prevalent practice in the vertical, mixed-use building typology is the stacking of the same or similar floor plates until the desired yield is achieved. The inherent problem in this approach is that it does not afford a diversity in its composition: if one dwelling type faces north and has a small balcony, then every dwelling in that stack has the same limitations. By rethinking the simple structure and acknowledging the diversity of a City and its people, the program of a multi-family tower reveals itself as a form dynamic and provocatively iconic.

The project received LEED® Gold Certification in 2022.

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