Towers Harmonize with Sustainable Features: Mengshang Bank Commerce Mansion, Baotou

Session: Track F: Best Tall Building Award By Function: Office, Part 2

Junren MiTianping ChenProject image

Junren Mi
Deputy Chief Architect, Beijing Institute of Architectural Design - BIAD

Tianping Chen
Baotou China, Technical Director and Chief Engineer, Mengshang Bank

With a gross floor area of about 250,000 square meters and a maximum building height of 133.35 meters (437.5 feet) Mengshang Bank Commerce Mansion includes banking offices, a trading area, five-star hotel, shopping center, a flagship bank and supporting vaults. North of the Great Wall, it is in an arid climate with distinct seasons, as well as abundant solar and wind energy resources, that the design capitalized on.

Architectural elements were coupled with innovative technologies in energy efficiency and building performance. The façade curtainwall system is composed of triple pane glass with two-cavities to control thermal insulation and assist with energy savings. Based on the sun's trajectory, a thin-film photovoltaic shading system is arranged above the windows, providing external sunshade, and reducing power consumption significantly. Other elements that are integrated into the building’s functions are a wind corridor with a wind power generating turbine, as well as using natural ventilation with a controllable external circulation ventilator that is integrated with the curtain wall system. On the top of the tower is a four-story green garden which has a vertical landscaping system improving the indoor environment.

As a project that demonstrates integrative green building design, it has earned the LEED Platinum certification under the LEED 2009 Core and Shell Development rating system with a total score of 80 points, RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) Award for Excellence in Sustainability Achievement of the Year, and the Luban Award, the highest award for Construction Engineering Quality in China.

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