Multiple Programs, One Graceful Form: Chapultepec Uno R-509, Mexico City

Session: Track F: Best Tall Building Award By Function: Mixed Use, Part 1

Francisco Martin del CampoCarlos Fernandez del Valle y CervantesProject image

Francisco Martin del Campo
CEO, T69 - Arquitectoma Marca
Mexico City

Carlos Fernandez del Valle y Cervantes
Mexico City

Chapultepec Uno’s shape was inspired by the idea of a door opening into Mexico City and onto Paseo de la Reforma, a wide avenue that runs diagonally across the city. Additionally, the building uses terraces within a double ventilated façade to give occupants the ability to go outside, enjoy the views, and circulate air to the interior spaces. And even though the tower accommodates a mixed-use program featuring offices, a hotel, and residences, the form reads as unified. This allows the building to achieve vertical presence with bold simplicity and fit gracefully alongside the highest towers in the city.

Among the challenges for the project was to accommodate an ambitious program of 826,668 square feet (76,800 square meters) above grade on a small site of approximately 21,500 square feet (nearly 2,000 square meters). The tower has a central axis of columns whose load is divided at Level 16 to the front and the back of the building with huge steel diagonals. The core of the building was placed on the solid side of the plan and all the columns on the perimeter. The result is open floor plates with three glass façades. This allowed for great flexibility at ground level, enabling the project to incorporate and extend the adjacent public plaza. The building slims as it rises and, as a result, each floor plan varies in size and layout.

The portion of the building dedicated to office space is in the lower third of the tower, providing a generous 15-foot (4.5-meter) floor-to-floor height with lots of natural light, ideal for high-end office layouts. Along the longest façade, all levels have operable windows and a terrace overlooking at the nearby park, Bosque de Chapultepec.

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