Solar Shading from Parametrics for Maximum Efficiency: ADAPTEX

Session: Track D: Façade Engineering Award, Life Safety Design Award, Part 2 & Innovation Award, Part 2

Paul-Rouven DenzProject image

Paul-Rouven Denz
Head of Projects, Priedemann Holding GmbH

ADAPTEX is an adaptive sun shading textile solution for façade implementation. It uses the smart material Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) as actuators to alter the permeability of textile surfaces. Activated solely by the effect of temperature and thus environmental influences, it regulates self-sufficiently solar gain, maximizes daylight autonomy and minimizes overheating and glare without the need for electricity and operation - thereby significantly reducing a building‘s overall energy consumption. Developed with a parametric design approach, the design can easily be adapted to specific locations and building requirements. Made with lightweight, durable materials, it offers great flexibility in application, from modular use to retrofitting of existing facades. ADAPTEX represents an innovative and sustainable shading and thus energy efficient concept for high-rise buildings.