High Standards of Quality and Sustainability for Prefabricated Construction Methods: Holon Building

Session: Track D: Innovation Award, Part 3

Jeremy ZimmanProject image

Jeremy Zimman
Director of Communications, Broad Sustainable Building Co., Ltd.
New York City

BROAD Holon Building is a world-first stainless steel modular building, with stainless steel used for all load bearing building members. It features BROAD’s original B-CORE slab, a sandwiched stainless steel structural material that is very light weight, has strong rigidity and ductility, and is super corrosion resistant; its extended frame structure system is ultra safe and resistant to earthquake. The 100% factory-made fabrication guarantees high quality and reduces cost. A highly efficient building insulation system reduces energy consumption and costs. BROAD’s original Clean Fresh Air Energy Recovery Ventilation system is integrated into the Holon Building to provide a healthy indoor environment. The innovative features of stainless steel structure combined with Passive House principles delivers a highly durable and energy efficient building.