An Innovative Composite System of Steel and Concrete to Save Time and Costs: SpeedCore

Session: Track D: Innovation Award, Part 3

Ron KlemencicAndy BenchProject image

Ron Klemencic
Chairman, CEO, Magnusson Klemencic Associates

Andy Bench
Vice President, Wright Runstad & Co

As the result of a research effort 15 years in the making, SpeedCore is a novel and innovative composite system of steel and concrete that successfully reduces costs and expedites the construction of high-rise buildings. Traditionally, a high-rise building is constructed with a reinforced-concrete core surrounded by structural-steel, composite-floor framing. This labor-intensive technique requires the setting of formwork, installation of reinforcing steel, placement of embedded plates, and time-consuming, level-by-level concrete curing. With SpeedCore, modular, prefabricated, Concrete-Filled, Composite-Plate Steel Shear Wall (CF-CPSW) panels are used to erect a high-rise tower’s structural core more quickly and cost-effectively, and without compromising the structure’s safety and stability.

The AEC industry is already starting to recognize SpeedCore’s advantages, which spurred other project developers to adopt this innovative structural system after seeing it successfully incorporated into Seattle based Rainier Square’s construction. Other examples are 200 Park Avenue—a 19-story, 937,000-square-foot office tower under construction in San Jose, California, and New York City’s Department of Buildings has approved SpeedCore for use in its boroughs. SpeedCore’s potential to influence the design and construction of new and adaptively re-used high-rise buildings is only limited by the AEC industry’s willingness to embrace this game-changing approach to how structural cores are designed and built.

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