Innovative Approaches to Building Tall: Vision Modular System

Session: Track D: Innovation Award, Part 3

Michael HoughJohn FlemingProject image

Michael Hough
Managing Director, MJH Structural Engineers

John Fleming
President of Vision Modular Systems, Tide Construction

Tide and Vision Modular Structures have developed a new type of modular system utilizing volumetric modules installed around a concrete core to construct high rise buildings. The system has been engineered by MJH Structural Engineers for Vision. This system has been successfully used on several tall buildings in London over the last number of years with Ten Degrees Croydon, the tallest completed building comprising 44 and 38 floors of modules in two interconnected towers. The towers were constructed from 1526 modules manufactured offsite and installed over a 35-week period. Topping out at 135m tall, it is the world's tallest structure to be built from volumetric modules, providing 546 homes along with open plan amenity areas on the top floor of each tower.

Using volumetric modular construction incorporates all the benefits that have come to be expected from modular construction such as expedited and more certain construction programs, reduction in the number of general operatives on site, greater efficiency in the use of materials, high quality construction details completed in a factory environment in the construction of tall buildings, which has the potential to help alleviate the developing shortage of homes in cities around the world.

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