Traditional Design Merges with a Modern Approach: Beijing Lize Ping An Finance Centre, Beijing

Session: Track F: Best Tall Building Award By Function: Mixed Use, Part 2 & Interior Design Award

Richard (Mu) LiJane FangProject image

Richard (Mu) Li
General Manager of Design Management, Ping An Real Estate Co Ltd

Jane Fang
Design Director, Shanghai JUND Architects Co., Ltd

White space is a way of expression to create the artistic conception of traditional Chinese paintings. “There is a wonderland without painting”, and the blank space is not a vacuum. With it, extra meanings, tunes, and rhymes are presented. It relies on imagination to activate and awaken the audience’s imagination, realize artistic re-creation. Using this concept, the core of the building unfolds around the ground floor lobby, creating a new experience of Grade A international office that is combined with contemporary art. Dominated by a clean gray and white tone, the interior space uses concrete rock slab finishes and the division of wall lines to give the lobby a simple, pure, and unique temperament. A series of unique art displays forges a spirit of space, tThe lobby realizes an elegant balance in the contrast of material texture and lighting.

The introduction of multiple places for artwork into this office space helps relieve the tension and pressure often found in work places. The intention is to create a multi-dimension space with “blank” areas left as the clue to distinguish it from conventional office spaces that focus only on “efficiency”.

Several special elements were integrated into the design. Eye-catching red steel staircases on both sides connect the lobby and the commercial area on the second floor. Inside the "exposed" concrete wall is a superb book bar or the display area of some paintings and small sculptures; the four elevator lobbies render four different themes in distinct Chinese traditional ink elements,

The gray and white tones accented by art continues on the standard floors. A white aluminum plate at the top of the corridor is combined with a slender light strip to create a high-standard office environment. At the same time, a background wall of a beautiful orange tea room brings a familiar Ping An orange into the space, demonstrating the corporate culture of passion and determination.

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