Between Two Towers, Transparency: Arlozorov 17, Tel Aviv

Session: Track D: Façade Engineering Award, Life Safety Design Award, Part 2 & Innovation Award, Part 2

Moshe TzurProject image

Moshe Tzur
Founder & Owner, Moshe Zur Architects and Town Planners
Tel Aviv

Arlozorov 17 consists of two tower volumes, with the western tower facing the sea, shaped in an iconic zigzag gesture, and the eastern tower forming a clean vertical volume. In between is a 100-meter-tall transparent vertical atrium. The entire envelope is a unique curtain wall—with integrated electronic shading blinds, carefully designed in shape, proportion, and colors—that stands out on the skyline while also aiding the thermal performance of the tower in the hot climate. The vertical mullions are staggered and not continuous. This impacts the overall appearance of the tower by strengthening its geometric form.

Additionally, the windows for the apartments are floor-to-ceiling to maximize uninterrupted views. Each window is recessed a bit inwards, so a delicate aluminum balustrade was designed for safety that also adds a residential ambience to the tower. The glass stepped-unit design means only smooth glass walls appear on the exterior, concealing all aluminum components of the façade. A gray color was applied on the fritted glass, the shading blinds, and the silicone to give a delicate overall appearance.

The tower's atrium glass cables wall stretches between zigzagged walls and therefore required a special and unique set of engineering calculations to withstand heavy wind pressure all along the tower's height. The atrium’s interior walls that define the interior design are practically part of the envelope themselves, as the east and west volumes stand independently. The tower's western balconies have a glass inclined balustrade that follows the zigzag shape of the tower. They are also defined by glass side walls that are part of the north and south façades. This design solution helps to sustain the integrity of the whole composition.

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