Supporting the Arts by Design: OōEli, Hangzhou

Session: Track B: Urban Habitat Award: Single Site & 10 Year Award

Zhou QingProject image

Zhou Qing
Director, Hangzhou Huizan Technology Co., Ltd & Director, GOA

OōEli was built into the city’s fabric to offer both high accessibility and relative independence. With the arrangement of buildings around the site’s perimeter, the space at the center is enclosed as an urban park insulated from the adjacent urban realm. And, while the main entrance is accessed from the south via a steel bridge, visitors can also enter the site in all directions from paths between buildings. This type of gateless office park is an innovation in Hangzhou, contributing to traffic dispersion whenever public events take place in its central square.

Overall, the project is intended as a comprehensive art park that integrates business headquarters and offices, a gallery and studios, event space, design shops, and a boutique hotel, as well as catering and other functional spaces. Artists not only hold exhibitions in the art gallery; they can stay in the studio tower as residents. Most of the retail stores are art-themed, making it the only commercial block of its kind in Hangzhou. With stores and restaurants all facing towards the park, the ground floor is completely open to the public. Activities held on-site include exhibitions, performances, fashion shows, and film viewings.

A comprehensive energy strategy with both active and passive approaches was adopted. A multi-layer green system, featuring sunken gardens, central park meadows, treescape, terrace plants, and rooftop tea gardens was applied, to adjust the site’s microclimate. A waterscape featuring water mirrors, fountains, water-spray, and water curtains was used to mitigate the hot summer environment. A rainwater recycling system was integrated into the development to reduce environmental risks from seasonal rainstorms and alleviate the municipal drainage pressure.

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