Sky Walks and a Gathering Garden: The Star of Daxing, Beijing

Session: Track B: Urban Habitat Award: District/Master Plan

Zhou RuimingHu YueProject image

Zhou Ruiming
Deputy General Manager, City Investment & Operation CO., Ltd. of CCTEB

Hu Yue
National Master Architect of Survey and Design, Beijing Institute of Architectural Design - BIAD

The Star of Daxing’s design strives to create beauty out of what was previously a relatively dull urban environment. To achieve this goal, the building is arranged as close to the exterior of the site as possible to form a huge garden of approximately 4,500 square meters at the core of the development, which serves as a public space for citizens in the neighborhood while also meeting the needs of tenants.

The landscape design is divided into two parts: a peripheral city landscape and a central garden. Suspended plank roads are set on the 9th, 11th, and 13th levels, to allow users to overlook the central garden, which features mainly green landscape, with lawn and shrubs at the bottom and trees such as white birch, painted and red maple, and Ligustrum compactum throughout. Permeable asphalt, porous concrete blocks, and precast concrete blocks and granite are used as paving materials for the square and roads in peripheral urban areas.

At the junction between the central garden and the building, a veranda and plank road are designed to wind through the trees, helping to break the boundary between the building and the surrounding environs. This not only connects the office, business, and hotel areas of the project; it also provides a convenient footpath for leisure and activities in the garden. Additionally, the building’s business area features an arch, under which events of different scales can be held.

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