Twisting Elevator Research Tower: Aufzugstesturm, Rottweil

Session: A: Best Tall Non-building Award

Javier SesmaRoland BechmannSteven CookProject image

Javier Sesma
Senior Vice President Business Development, TK Elevator GmbH

Roland Bechmann
Managing Director & Partner, Werner Sobek AG

Steven Cook
Senior Vice President, Project Architect, JAHN

The Aufzugstestturm is an elevator test tower standing at 246 meters ( 807 ft) that was completed in 2017 for the purpose of testing the technology of the future. Owned by ThyssunKrupp who has an elevator research campus in close proximity, the tower was built to test the company’s MULTI elevator system, which uses magnets instead of cables. Three out of the twelve shafts within the tower are dedicated to this innovative technology. With the MULTI elevator system, several elevator cars can move at the same time: whereby the transport capacity can be increased by up to 50 percent and the space requirements in buildings can be significantly reduced. With a diameter of 21 meters, engineers can test elevators in the tower at speeds of up to 18 m/s. Aufzustestturm has become an icon for the small town of Rottweil and tourists who visit can go up to an observation deck at the top.

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