Sustainability Technologies in the Built Environment

Session: Track G: It’s All About Efficiency: Improving Performance and Investment Return

Guillermo PeraltaProject image

Guillermo Peralta
Senior Director, Global Product, Sustainability, JLL

Session will focus on the emerging investment and integration of new technologies into the built environment. Topics covered will be the proliferation of real estate prop tech investments, ways to integrate technology into the building lifecycle, and case studies of new solutions that help property managers, investors, owners, and operators of real estate manage sustainability and reduce a buildings' carbon footprint. The overall landscape for real estate buildings, owners, and operators is complex when evaluating technology and understanding ways to effectively utilize what is available. One key area that would be covered is the intersection between new hardware (sensors, lighting, etc.), software (renewable energy marketplaces, energy modeling, etc), and technology managed services (dynamic cleaning, occupancy planning, etc). The overall goal for the session would be to give attendees knowledge of the ways that large real estate portfolio owners are utilizing technology and to identify ways to pilot and initiate technology into existing and new projects and programs. Additionally, the session would look at emerging trends and forecasts for new techonologies and solutions and the ways that this may impact current and planned buildings. A large emphasis will be placed on sustainability technologies such as small-scale nuclear, carbon capture, renewables, hydrogen, batteries, and other tools that have been tested and piloted but not fully scaled. JLL will be able to speak to platforms utilized on Fortune 500 portfolios and JLL Spark: JLL's inhouse venture capital arm.