Alternative Heating and Cooling Systems Reduce Carbon Emissions: TrIIIple Towers, Vienna

Session: Track D: Geotechnical Engineering Award & Systems Award

Andreas GlatzlProject image

Andreas Glatzl
Founder, SEM Energie- und Gebäudetechnik GmbH

In the planning and development process of the design, the idea of an innovative and different system for heating and cooling the Triiple Towers was introduced. A space for a heating-cooling plant was devised called Quartier Schnirchgasse and could produce energy for the buildings within the Complex. The distribution of heating and cooling came from the water temperatures of the nearby Donau Channel, and heating pumps powered by wind energy. The project was developed as an alternative energy plant to deliver heating and cooling without carbon emissions, which supports the energy strategy of Europe, Austria and the City of Vienna.

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