Spokeless Ferris Wheel Is Central Fixture on the Bailang River: Weifang, China

Session: A: Best Tall Non-building Award

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Presenter to be confirmed
Senior Representative, Transportation Bureau A WeiFang Economic Development Zone

Presenter to be confirmed
Senior Representative, TianJin Municipal Engineering Desgin and Research Institute

In white-painted steel, the Bailang Bridge Ferris Wheel sits in the middle of a bridge stretching over the Bailing River. Its spokeless design breaks the mold of the typical and traditional ferris wheel which spins around a central access. Its lattice-like structure is often called the ‘dragon spine’. The Bailing Bridge Ferris Wheel body does not rotate, and instead a custom-built track that covers the circumference, rotates the cars around the circle. At 140 meters (459 ft) passengers who travel to the top can see views of the river and across the city of Weifang.

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