Office Space that Offers Greenery: Shenye TaiRan Building, Shenzhen

Session: Track B: Urban Habitat Award: Single Site & 10 Year Award

Siyuan DaiLaura BelevicaProject image

Siyuan Dai
Chief Architect, Shum Yip Terra (Holdings) Co.,LTD

Laura Belevica
Deputy Principal Architect, Manager of Arch Dept.II, Zhubo Design

The design concept for this office building was the “Mountain”, and the building’s form reflects this. Pulling the building up diagonally on the façade, the layout both avoids blocking the view of the surrounding buildings and maximizes the sea view of Shenzhen Bay, while also giving it prominent recognition in the city. Its unique shape, terraced courtyards and roof garden attract many businesses, activating the surrounding areas.

The inner courtyard and roof garden achieves a full green cover of the site, and the semi-outdoor air garden running through both ends allows fresh air to come in. Many enterprises have made use of these special spaces in various forms: balconies have been transformed into outdoor dining areas, back gardens have been transformed into sports grounds etc., to take full advantage of the flexibility of the space. In addition, due to the natural ventilation and daylighting in the project design, the operation cost of the project is greatly reduced. Over the years, the project has been well-received, and the occupancy rate has reached over 90%. It has attracted many well-known enterprises, such as OPPO, Greenland Group and Shenye Group.

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