Community Engagement for Design Excellence: 76 Trinity Commons, New York City

Session: Track C: Tall Excellence: Raising the Bar

Mariko MasuokaProject image

Mariko Masuoka
Partner, Pelli Clarke & Partners

The role of “good citizen” in the design of a tall building is one that needs to be considered as essential to the development process. Buildings have the capacity to engage, inspire and bring communities together. Is it possible to align the aspirations of a client with that of the surrounding community?

In the design of 76 Trinity Commons, a public building which is the extension of Trinity Church at Wall St. in Manhattan, these ideas were addressed as instrumental to the design process. The presentation of this project will focus on the six publicly open charettes in which members of the Lower Manhattan neighborhood and community were invited to participate and share their ideas and vision, and comment on social justice, inclusivity, and stewardship goals for the building. This presentation looks at how these contributing voices were part of the building design and how the design responds and incorporates these ideas.