Optimal Workplace Experiences: Hai Tian Center, China

Session: Track C: The New Workplace Experience

Hyun YuProject image

Hyun Yu
Director, AKAIA Architecture

A good workplace used to be an office with an efficient layout where workers do their jobs. Today, workspace design has shifted gradually from prioritizing efficiency to creating a holistic experience that offers an environment where occupants perform in the office and are supported in their well-being throughout the day. The experience starts from arriving in the lobby, to traveling and moving within the workspace. It is important, now more than ever, to support employee wellness and experience.

Looking at the Hai Tian Center project as an example of designing with emphasis on providing a healthier working environment and improving performance, the presentation will look at key design elements. This includes: Technology and the relationship that a smart building has with its users to promote a streamlined experience over the course of a day; The flexibility of a workspace that supports a company’s unique culture and mission and is a collection of connected physical and digital spaces; And well-being with elements such as light, transparency, biophilia, air quality, and communal spaces that take into account employee wellness to reduce stress and improve performance.