Rethinking Infrastructure: Central Station and New Development for Urban Renewal in Sydney

Session: Track B: Sophisticated Density: an Update on TODs, Mobility and the Idea of Mixed-Use

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Ray Brown
CEO, Architectus

As one of the biggest transport links of the southern hemisphere, Central Station is one of Sydney’s busiest interchanges. The precinct is located at the southern end of central Sydney, where it traverses 24 hectares of underutilized land between Goulburn and Cleveland Streets where the station sits at the heart of it all. With a vision to become a vibrant and energizing place, it will unite a world-class transport interchange with an innovative business, research and technology hub, plus provide high-quality public and green spaces, the project currently represents the largest urban renewal program seen in Sydney.

It has been earmarked as a State Significant Precinct (SSP) due to its potential to boost investment and create new jobs. The new precinct will unite a large section of the city, linking up to previously disconnected inner-city suburbs such as Redfern and Chippendale. It also represents a step forward in designing for Country by revealing the layers of indigenous history that contribute to Sydney’s identity. Ultimately, Central Station’s renewal will expand Sydney’s CBD, establishing a distinctive, multi-connected destination with local, national and international impact. This presentation will discuss the concept design for over-station development, the adaptive reuse of the Sydney Terminal Building and cross corridor connections, public domain and open space to support the SSP rezoning and the overall vision for the project.