New Digital Technologies: Futureproof Buildings with Smart and Flexible Vertical Mobility

Session: Track C: An Update on Innovation: Old Challenges, New Ideas

Lucien WedzikowskiProject image

Lucien Wedzikowski
Senior Director, High Rise & Advanced Dispatching, Otis Elevator Company

Like many other industries, the fields of construction and real estate are going through digital and data transformations that have been accelerated by the recent Covid-19 pandemic. The pace of change for designing, manufacturing, installing and operating vertical transportation systems is profound. With technology advancing so quickly, how can we future proof a building?

How can we make vertical transportation smart enough to evolve over time, especially in the near future, that has the capability to adapt quickly with society’s changing needs? As part of this presentation, we will look at these questions and try to answer them by exploring and discussing the latest technologies as well as present new possibilities within digital and electronic elevator platforms. This includes innovations such as electronic safeties, dramatically reduced pit & overhead, modular assembly, on-demand elevator group size and the use of Artificial Intelligence advanced dispatching.