Don't Touch My Design: Aerodynamic Optimisation with Minimal Architectural Intervention

Session: Track E: Designing with the Wind

Aaron LefcovitchProject image

Aaron Lefcovitch
Director, Windtech Consultants

Working with numerous conflicting agendas when it comes to collectively delivering a project, presents wind consultants with a number of challenges. Clients don’t want changes that will cost them. Architects want to preserve the integrity of their designs. Structural consultants want to ensure a high preforming and optimized structural design while meeting the regulatory requirements. As wind consultants, we have the opportunity to balance these multiple agendas that will ultimately realize the architectural vision for the project.

This presentation examines the wind engineering processes required to ensure an efficient building form with minimal architectural intervention. It also examines an applied strategy to deal with interference excitation by altering the construction staging and the benefits of rigidly linking structures. This will achieve structural stability while still respecting the architectural vision.