Dynamic Solutions for Fifty Hudson Yards

Session: Track G: Future of Mobility and Vertical Transport

Mark SchroederProject image

Mark Schroeder
New Construction Sales, Major Projects, North America, TK Elevator GmbH

Fifty Hudson Yards, the sixth tower in the first phase of the $25 billion Hudson Yards Complex, is one of the largest private developments in New York history. This extraordinary property consisting of 2.9 million square feet with 58 stories will see thousands of visitors daily, and as such, needed an elevator system to provide a clear path for the crowds. In addition to the high volume of foot traffic, several notable companies signed on to hold their headquarters in the building. This resulted in each requiring high-tech security access control for the respective businesses and their employees.

This presentation will discuss the challenge this building presented and the dynamic solution that the TK Elevator provided. TK Elevator’s TWIN system consists of two independently operating elevators in one shaft, doubling the number of riders moved without the need for additional space. 22 shafts holding 44 TWIN elevator cars were installed at Fifty Hudson Yards to improve traffic flow and reduce lobby congestion. These elevators are seamlessly controlled by a destination dispatch solution unique to the company called AGILE. Though the system was developed prior to this project, TK Elevator committed to evolve the product into the perfect design for Fifty Hudson Yards.

The advanced engineering of TWIN is the most efficient technology for a building of this caliber and through working closely with TK Elevator, the tower now has the flexibility to handle a wide range of tenant densities.