The Future of Practice is the Human Experience

Session: Closing Plenary - The Future of Excellence: Dreams And Realities of a Better World

Gregg PasquarelliProject image

Gregg Pasquarelli
Founding Principal, SHoP Architects
New York City

We all understand that we are working at a time of amazing progress and innovation. The promise of new material and digital technologies—not to mention the AI revolution—will forever transform the manner in which architects, engineers, specialist consultants and our clients deliver the buildings that inspire the world. What is often overlooked is the necessity to safeguard the human experience in design. A longtime pioneer in the introduction of cutting-edge technological processes to the field, Gregg Pasquarelli, a founding partner of SHoP Architects, will argue that the adoption of these tools only intensifies the need for thoughtful, responsible, inspired, and even intuitive oversight of architectural design and delivery. What needs to change in the industry in the coming years? Topics discussed in this presentation will include the role of visualization technology as it becomes increasingly critical to understand complex, shared, real-time data across partnered enterprises; the increasing opportunities for inclusion through accessible, nontraditional modes of representation (among them novel applications in augmented reality); and multidisciplinary exchange across existing typologies. In the end, collaboration and community are what makes buildings great—when we commit together to build a database of experience through form, light, material, equity, and joy. When, in other words, we aim higher as we build taller.