Landmark of the Green Future: Lotte World Tower

Session: Track E: Measuring New Heights: The World's 118 Tallest Buildings, Part 2

Youkyung SonProject image

Youkyung Son
Managing Director, Lotte Property & Development

Completed in 2017, Lotte World Tower has placed an importance in sustainability and energy efficiency. Throughout the entire lifecycle of a building, from its design and construction to its demolition, it is extremely important to minimize negative impacts it has on the environment. Located next to the Lotte World Mall (Shopping mall), Avenuel (Department Store) and an entertainment building, the complex is surrounded and connected through green areas which give places for rest and landscaped walkways for visitors.

Energy efficiency is an important goal not just in terms of a building‘s overall lifespan but also in terms of sustainability. From the construction stage, Lotte World Tower involved using materials that took into account high-efficiency energy, with energy management administered in the building that would reduce energy use as well as directly produce energy. Lotte P&D considered this management and put into practice an action plan by continuing to take into account the sustainability of a building. As the 5th tallest building in the world, Lotte World Tower is working on becoming the “landmark of the green future.”