Buildings Made of Modules - a New German Guideline Shows the Way

Session: Track E: Improving Construction through Modularity, Fabrication and Optimization

Matthias RoikProject image

Matthias Roik
Research & Development Manager, Leviat GmbH

Buildings made of prefabricated room modules are fabricated as far as possible at the factory before they are assembled into the final structure on the construction site.
An early decision for this design and planning method is advantageous to effectively implement all the benefits of this construction method, in which only the transport- and assembly-related services are to be completed at the construction site. This may concern, among other things, the removal of transport anchors, or assembly-related work at the module interfaces; façade, roof and floor joints, as well as the joining of TGA trades, installation of stairs, etc.
The main objectives to be considered are as follows:
Quality, Planning, Prefabrication, Assembly, Sustainability, Long service life, Dismantling / separation of varieties, Reusability, Model building permit, Working conditions.

By deciding early to use modular construction, the necessary planning phase can be sufficiently extended, therefore preventing additional planning during construction.
BIM planning becomes almost mandatory.
In the following, solution approaches are shown to be able to realise the possible advantages of this type of construction by a sensible design of the planning and construction process. In this way, all the above-mentioned objectives can be positively influenced, i.e. lead to a resource-efficient and high-quality construction method.

The German guideline to be published this year by the VDI (Association of German Engineers) covers the complete planning and manufacturing process and advices on specific aspects which have to be taken into account.
The key issues will be presented, explained and supported by examples.
Recommendations for planning, design and construction of buildings made of modules are illustrated in the presentation.

The successful implementation is explained using examples.