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“New or Renew” refers to the choice between new buildings and cities or the adaptation of the existing for the sake of environmental, economic, and social responsibility. This is not about the conflict between old and new, or heritage versus future. Instead, the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat seeks to identify strategies for transformation and growth that bring new blood to urban life. There is a new generation of tall buildings and shapes of density to be discovered, which provides new opportunities for flexibility and energy savings, as well as a substantial reduction of impact on the environment. 

“New or Renew” is a dilemma with many potential answers. To help inspire your submission process, below are select key topics that are likely to be discussed. As you formulate your submittals, consider how your proposed presentation addresses some of these points. Please consider this a list of suggestions, rather than a prescriptive program or agenda. If appropriate to the topic, it is also encouraged to submit an abstract with a regional focus. 

What are the considerations when formulating answers to “New or Renew?” 

What are the drivers? Why consider “New or Renew”? 

What are the potential solutions? 

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