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On Monday, 23 September, from 1:30–5:00 PM, join us for half-day workshops on various topics related to tall building performance and urban habitat. Workshops are a combined effort between sponsor representatives and relevant leaders of CTBUH assemblies and committees. They are meant to be smaller, more interactive studies of a specific topic, and contain two sessions. The first session will feature presentations on the latest developments in the topic, and the second session will contain an interactive component, to discuss issues arising from session one. Capacity is limited, and workshops do sell out—reserve your spot today!

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Carbon & Materials

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The first consideration in any attempt to answer the “new or renew” question is to fully account for the carbon footprint and composition of the materials that will be manufactured from scratch, demolished, or repurposed within a structure. This workshop provides an informative framework for understanding the carbon and cost implications of material choices, benchmarking for whole life cycle assessments and the carbon impact of re-use of existing building stock. 

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Carbon Currency

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Picture a future where “whole life carbon” is the currency. What if in the future, buildings compete based on their long-term environmental impact? During this workshop, we will explore carbon pricing strategies as a means to incentivize a path towards fulfilling the UN Sustainability Goals. Through various viewpoints, we will uncover how carbon value and exceptional design can revolutionize high-rise. By exploring different perspectives, we aim to innovate with materials, building technologies, and assembly methods. Let’s shape this future currency!

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Fire Evacuation

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Organized by the CTBUH Life & Fire Safety Committee, this workshop will feature a mix of presentations from international fire experts on various evacuation strategies & risks, followed by interactive workshop discussions. This will include local and national legislation, guidance and recent updates. It will engage practitioners in the many and varied aspects to consider in the design and management of fire evacuation, including insurance and valuation of real estate considerations.

Legal Issues in Tall Buildings

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From rights to light, privacy and the practicalities of vertical extensions to existing buildings, the legal and code environment for tall buildings has become considerably more complex in recent years. The leading practitioners in property law and regulation from around the world convene in this workshop, emerging with a clear sense of purpose and a new set of tools for tackling these issues in their own practices. 

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New or Renew—Powered by Volumetric

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Planning for Density

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Shifting Rooted Systems: Regenerative Design and Nature-Based Solutions

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According to the United Nations, 54% of the world’s population reside in cities and urban areas today. By 2050, this number is expected to grow to 68%, adding nearly 2.5 billion new city residents. Every which way, cities are at the front lines of our global climate crisis. Is the answer to build more and to build taller? Is it enough to do ‘less bad’ or should we aim higher? How do we shift the rooted systems within our industry so that we are giving back more than we take? We will explore the ways in which we can leverage nature-based solutions and transdisciplinary thinking to create a roadmap to a regenerative future.

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Skyscraper Design: The Challenge of Energy Efficiency

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Smart and Sustainable Districts


How can we design, develop and operate smart cities to neutralize our carbon impact?

This workshop uses best-practice examples, including WOHA designed Punggol Digital District in Singapore, to spark vigorous discussions on design decisions in energy, integrated infrastructure and urban mobility, including the industry’s embrace of mass timber.

Learn about how open digital platforms can power smart city solutions and optimize resources through artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Industry specialists are invited to explore how smart, sustainable and inclusive urban environments can transform the way we work, live, learn and play.

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Sustainable Retrofitting: Structural Engineering

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Retrofitting and regenerating tall buildings can involve significant structural engineering challenges. From improving the façade thermal performance while providing access to natural light, to reducing the building’s energy consumption while creating comfortable spaces, to understanding its structure and how it could be used or extended. These considerations need to be balanced against performance factors such as embodied and operational carbon, cost and constructability. Learn from leading experts about how to upgrade and enhance existing tall buildings, and hear about the latest technological developments.

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Transforming the Envelope: Rethinking Façades

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The façade is an important component in building construction, playing a significant role in the “new or renew?” debate. Many older buildings being considered for repositioning feature outdated curtain walls with single-pane glass and inadequate energy performance. Refurbishing these facades is essential not only to enhance energy efficiency and reduce operational costs but also to improve the overall performance and aesthetic appeal of the building.

This workshop brings together leading experts to discuss the comprehensive impact of façade design decisions when recladding tall buildings. Topics will include the financial, environmental, and performance benefits of upgrading facades, addressing the critical need to modernize these structures to meet standards and sustainability goals.

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Urban Densification & Regeneration of our Built Environment

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In this workshop, participants can explore practical strategies for increasing urban density while renewing and retrofitting existing buildings with climate resilience front and centre. We’ll delve into case studies and design principles including how to de-risk and achieve planning approval, and community engagement approaches to create more compact, efficient, and climate-responsive cities.

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Vertical Transportation/Mobility

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