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London Venue

The CTBUH 2024 International Conference, New or Renew: Addressing the Density Dilemma, will be held at the Barbican Centre, the largest multi-purpose culture and arts venue in Europe. Located on a site almost completely razed by the Blitz and situated at the hub of several key industries, including finance, legal, and technology, it is a historic landmark known for its iconic brutalist architecture. Demonstrative of the conference theme, the Barbican has radically transformed how we use buildings and cities: it is a city within a city, raised above street level, that draws from a rich palette of references, from ancient Roman fortresses and French Modernism to Mediterranean and Scandinavian design.

© Max Colson

The core conference will take place throughout the Barbican Centre; the venue plan can be viewed below:

Level G (Exhibition & Catering)

Level -1 (Tall Building Gallery)

Photo © Jason Hawkes

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